House Representative

Holland, Justin


Rep. Justin Holland Awarded Texas Independent Auto Dealers Independent Award.

San Antonio, TX - Today, Representative Holland was awarded the Independent Award by the Texas Independent Auto Dealers Association (TIADA). The Independent Award is presented each year to an individual outside the auto dealer industry who goes above and beyond in their support of independent auto dealers, showing a true independent spirit.

Rep. Holland received the award for his work on House Bill 2949, which cut overburdensome government regulation and saves small business owners money. HB 2949 was sent to the Governor's office the last week of the regular legislative session, and was signed by the Governor June 15th. It will take effect September 1st.

"I am honored that TIADA has chosen me as their 2017 Independent Award recipient," Rep. Holland said. "My job as a State Legislator is to keep the government out of your back office and your back pocket, HB 2949 accomplished both these principals."

Past recipients of the award include State Senator Robert Nichols and Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar.

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