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Howard, Donna


Rep. Donna Howard Celebrates House Passage of SB 1367

Lawmaker's Bill Will Help Prevent Fatal Allergic Reactions on College Campuses

AUSTIN - Following Wednesday's vote by the Texas House to approve Senate Bill 1367, Representative Donna Howard released the following statement:

"Yesterday afternoon on the House Floor, I was grateful for the unanimous support for Senate Bill 1367, which grants public institutions of higher education the authority to adopt policies regarding epinephrine auto-injectors on their campuses. The bill passed out of the Senate unanimously just two weeks ago.

"Increasing access to these auto-injectors is vital to preventing potentially deadly cases of anaphylaxis on higher education campuses, as epinephrine is the only medication which can stop such a severe allergic reaction.

"SB 1367 is common-sense legislation that will save lives, and I look forward to its swift signature into law."

CONTACT: Scott M. Daigle