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White, James


State Representative James White Votes For Fiscally Responsible and Transparent Budget

(Austin, TX) - Today, the Texas House of Representatives approved the House budget and supplemental budget for the next two years.

The House has exercised leadership in crafting a conservative, responsible budget that spends $106.8 billion in available revenue. Despite revenue challenges, and very significant population and inflation growth, the House biennium budget is $1 billion less than the current budget.

Despite the very real budget cuts, the House budget still makes significant investments in critical priorities. The proposal includes nearly $1.5 billion in new money for public education, while also reducing recapture (better known as Robin Hood). The budget addresses the foster care crisis in Texas by investing $433 million of additional funds to Child Protective Services. In addition, the House is dedicating $62.6 million in new funds to eliminate waiting lists for community mental health services across the state and maintains our commitment to border security funding.

The House budget is fully transparent and protects the state’s investment in transportation while maintaining our long-standing commitment to using dedicated funds for their rightful purpose.

“We are confident that the House budget we have crafted addresses critical issues that affect Texans on a daily basis. The House budget is balanced, cuts spending, prioritizes critical funding items, and honors our dedicated funding streams without diversions,” said State Representative James White.