House Representative

Herrero, Abel


Rep. Herrero Files Bill to Protect Crime Victims' Privacy

AUSTIN - State Representative Abel Herrero, Robstown, has filed a bill to protect the privacy of victims of violent crimes.

The Crime Victims' Compensation Program helps victims and their families pay for the mental, physical, and financial costs resulting from a violent crime. Victims submit sensitive and personal information to apply to the program. However, the application and file materials are not confidential, leaving the victims vulnerable to re-victimization. Victims of violent crimes, such as family violence, sex trafficking, and kidnapping, rely on support from the program.

House Bill 2387 would make victim applications and program documents confidential, released only by court order after a good cause hearing. With House Bill 2387, victims can feel confident their sensitive information will be protected.

"This law will further protect the victims of violent crimes by safeguarding their personal and confidential information, giving them peace of mind to continue their recovery," Rep. Herrero said.

State Representative Abel Herrero is now serving in his sixth term as a member of the Texas House of Representatives. He represents House District 34, which includes Robstown, Bishop, Banquete, Petronila, Aqua Dulce, Driscoll and parts of Corpus Christi and Sandia.