House Representative

Schubert, Leighton


Texas House Passes State Budget

AUSTIN – On March 31st, 2015 the Texas House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a two year budget for the State of Texas. The Texas House budget dramatically reforms state government through increased transparency, and addresses the needs of our growing state while staying below the constitutional spending cap. HB 1 invests significant resources in public schools, boosts formula funding for higher education, invests additional general revenue in transportation, and promotes border security and public safety. Additionally, HB1 accomplishes these goals while increasing spending below the level of population and inflation increases.

"I believe that the priorities laid out in the House approved budget accurately reflect the priorities of Texas and HD 13," said State Representative Leighton Schubert (Caldwell). "Limiting the spending increase to 4% over two years while making sure that essential services are met is exactly the sort of prioritized and conservative spending that the people elected us to do."

"My job as your state representative is to fight for the interest of District 13 and I will stand with the good people of the district to protect our way of life," said Schubert.

Following this vote, HB 1 now heads to the Texas Senate. When the Senate passes their version, HB 1 will head to a conference committee for final approval.