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Landgraf, Brooks


Landgraf Promotes Sales Tax Holiday

ODESSA, TX - State Representative Brooks Landgraf (Odessa) reminds the people in his district about the upcoming tax holiday for school supplies taking place from August 7-9.

"Texas families will have a great opportunity to best prepare their children for school this fall without being burdened by a state tax," Landgraf said.

On the weekend of August 7-9, Texans will be able to buy tax-free back to school supplies. The tax holiday will allow families to get ready for the upcoming scholastic year while saving money on the items their family needs.

The annual holiday applies to items like clothing, footwear, school supplies, and backpacks and exempts them from a sales tax. The exemption will save shoppers over $8 for every $100 they spend.

"Back to school shopping is unavoidable for many Texans, so it is nice that they are able to take advantage of this holiday and avoid any extra costs on necessary supplies," said Landgraf.

More information including the items that may be purchased free of taxes can be found on Comptroller Glen Hegar's website at

Contact: Michael D. Lozano