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Rodriguez, Justin


State Representative Justin Rodriguez Proposes Equal Pay, 91 Texas House Members Vote Against the Measure

AUSTIN—Today, state Representative Justin Rodriguez (San Antonio) filed an amendment with bipartisan support to Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer’s House Joint Resolution 26, which proposes a constitutional amendment establishing an increase in minimum wage, that would ensure equal pay for equal work. With a vote of 52-91, the House did not see fit to adopt this amendment.

Rep. Rodriguez had the following to say after his equal pay amendment failed: “I’m incredibly disheartened that in 2015, we’re still debating equality. Equal pay for equal work is a common-sense policy. I believe that my daughters deserve to grow up in a world that values their work as much as it values that of my son, and I am disappointed that some of my fellow members apparently disagree.”

Contact: Jessalyn Reid