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Simmons, Ron


CDC Reports Increase in the Prevalence of US Children with Autism

CARROLLTON – The Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced today a continued increase in the prevalence of Autism for people under age 21. The ratio is now 1 in 68 males and females under age 21 are somewhere on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This is a 30% increase from the 1 in 88 announced by the CDC in 2012.

The 83rd Legislature passed landmark legislation increasing the opportunity for early diagnosis with HB 3276 and expanded the age for treatment with SB 1484 beyond age 9 as was the previous age limit required in the Texas Insurance Code.

Representative Ron Simmons who was the author of HB 3276 and serves as the Vice Chairman of the national Board of Directors of the Autism Society commented; “While we are never pleased with increases in prevalence of any disability, we are encouraged that we now have very positive diagnosis and treatment provisions in Texas law that will help those Texas citizens affected by ASD and their families.”

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