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Howard, Donna


Rep. Donna Howard Applauds List of Interim Charges

Austin Lawmaker Ready for the House to Get Back to Work for the Good of All Texans

AUSTIN - Following the release of the House Interim Charges by Speaker Joe Straus, Rep. Donna Howard issued the following statement:
"I am pleased that the House chose not to politicize the process and instead will focus on issues that have real significance in the daily lives of Texans.

"I am also pleased that Speaker Straus has incorporated a number of recommendations that I submitted into his final list of charges. These include a review of higher education funding formulas; an evaluation of financial aid, tuition assistance, waiver, and work study programs, as well as strategies for reducing student default rates; an examination of online voter registration systems; and a study on the utilization of the state's immunization registry system for preventing and responding to communicable disease outbreaks.

"As the deliberation of Interim Charges is a harbinger of potential legislation in the upcoming session which begins in January 2015, I encourage citizens to take advantage of this opportunity to review the charges and participate in the process. The Interim Charges can be found here, and you can also contact your representative, receive email alerts about upcoming hearings, as well as view live and archived hearings on the legislative website. Of course, individuals are always encouraged to testify at hearings either in person or by submitting written comments.

"I will be closely following and actively participating in the interim process, and will send periodic updates to my constituents.

"We need to keep our focus on the issues that will keep our families healthy and our communities strong, and that will support the economic prosperity of our state. I'm ready to get to work and invite citizens to join me."

Scott M. Daigle