House Representative

Price, Four


Statement by Rep. Four Price on Constitution Day

In commemoration of Constitution Day 2013, Representative Four Price passed House Resolution 2814 during the 2013 Texas Legislative Session. In his recognition of this patriotic occasion, Representative Four Price issued the following statement:

"Constitution Day marks an important anniversary in the formation of our great nation, when our founding fathers signed the United States Constitution, thereby establishing the free and representative form of government that we enjoy today. Boldly opening with the words 'We the People,' our Constitution symbolizes America's principles of liberty and prosperity. As we appreciate the monumental 226th anniversary of the adoption of our Constitution, I encourage all Texans to learn more about the United States Constitution and its vital role in the preservation of the rights of all Americans. Let us also take a moment to thank and pray for the brave military men and women who serve to uphold our rights. God bless America."

Contact: Jacquelyn Greenwood