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Dale, Tony


Williamson County House Delegation Votes for Transportation Infrastructure

AUSTIN -- As the second called special session of the 83rd Legislatures came to an end yesterday, the three members of the Williamson County delegation in the Texas House, Representatives Larry Gonzales (Round Rock), Marsha Farney (Georgetown) and Tony Dale (Cedar Park) issued a joint statement.

"Roadway infrastructure is a core function of government and a vital part of our state's economic success. It is imperative we have a long term transportation plan which balances the demands of our tremendous population growth while recognizing the need to be good and careful stewards of the taxpayer's money.

"We have considered several transportation proposals in the past few weeks, none of which have gone to the Governor's desk. Members of the House and Senate have worked to try and find that perfect balance. We are not there yet. There are still concerns to be addressed.”

"As the elected Texas House members from Williamson County, one of the fastest growing counties in the nation for many years, we stay committed to supporting a plan for roadway infrastructure. We know more than anyone else the importance of managing growth, and what that investment means to our overall economic success."

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