House Representative

Stephenson, Phil


Stephenson files Resolution supporting God and the Ten Commandments in the Public Square

State Representative Phil Stephenson (HD85, south Ft. Bend, Wharton and Jackson Counties) has filed HCR 58, a concurrent resolution that not only acknowledges, but supports the use of the word, "God," at public gatherings as well as displays of the Ten Commandments in public educational institutions and other government buildings.

In an open letter to his colleagues in the House and Senate, Stephenson laid out the reasons for this concurrent resolution,

"None can deny America has a rich religious history, with faith-based principles that have shaped our civilization. None can deny that one of the prime inspirations of Western thought, the Ten Commandments, stands as religious, as well as secular, legal history.

The modern era has been fraught with interior forces that seek to destroy this rich heritage; groups and interests, both public and private, which hold our nation's history in contempt. Forces that have misinterpreted, some misguidedly, others deliberately, the notion of separation of church and state to mean that government should be hostile towards any expression of faith. These interests, be they public or private, do not represent Texas.

I invite you, along with our friends in the Senate, in supporting this declaration. The Great State of Texas will not bow down to forces that have no regard or respect for the ideas and beliefs that helped make it possible. We will celebrate them."

A Concurrent Resolution requires passage by both the House and the Senate. If passed the resolution goes to the governor to be signed. The governor has ten days to sign the resolution. Though not binding law, such a document would send a powerful message.