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Thompson, Ed


Manvel High Grad Luke Orlando Will Intern for Rep. Thompson This Session

AUSTIN — Luke Orlando, a 2012 Manvel High School grad, will intern for Representative Ed Thompson during the 2013 Legislative Session. Luke is the son of Mike and Sara Orlando, and he currently attends the University of Texas where he is a double major in Business/Finance and Government.

Representative Thompson said he is excited to have Luke in the office this session. "His knowledge of the district will be invaluable to us. It's great to have the opportunity to advance young, political minds, and I hope this experience will help him to achieve his future goals," he said.

Orlando is achieving big things as a freshman at UT. In addition to his college studies and internship responsibilities, he is involved in a variety of service activities. Currently Orlando is a member of UT's University Securities and Investment Team - an extracurricular organization dedicated to learning about equities markets. There, Orlando and fellow students manage an actual portfolio while researching possible additions and making stock pitches.

Orlando is also a Big Brothers mentor, and he works with local disadvantaged youth by providing mentoring services and other assistance as needed.
Orlando's political résumé is extensive, and he became involved in conservative politics at an early age. He previously worked for the U.S. House of Representatives as a District Office intern for Congressman Pete Olson.

While in high school Orlando was chosen to attend high-ranking national conferences, such as: the Conservative Political Action Conference, Los Angeles Symposium on Media and Politics, Texas Symposium on Leadership and Presidential Politics, National High School Leadership Conference, West Coast Leadership Conference, and the Symposium on Terrorism and National Security.

Emily Kirchner