House Representative

González, Mary


Representative Mary González files first bills

Austin, TX—“Representative Mary González files first bills”

“González prioritizes education”

Today, freshman Representative Mary González filed her first bills concentrating on public and higher education in Texas.

"As a strong advocate for public and higher education, these bills will improve access, transparency, and affordability for our public and higher education system in Texas.”

HB 904 expands current law to require school districts to report the class sizes from kindergarten through 12th grade. Currently, school districts are required to only report class size from kindergarten through 4th grade to the Texas Education Agency.

"Expanding the reporting of class sizes through high school will provide greater transparency and accountability to parents and students, said González, "Smaller classrooms give teachers greater ability to ensure quality education for every student in the classroom."

HB 903 increases school district transparency by allowing school district trustees to be responsible for evaluating internal auditors.

"An internal auditor should be independent and objective. Elected school district trustees, accountable only to the voters, should decide on who evaluates their internal auditors," stated González.

HB 902 works to maintain affordability for college students by exempting textbooks and other periodicals purchased, used, and consumed by university and college students to be exempt from sales tax.

"College students deserve any form of financial relief we can give them. Making textbooks tax free is just a small step we can take to help the many college students who have seen their tuition rise and financial aid slashed over the last few years," added Gonzalez.