House Representative

Herrero, Abel


Representative Abel Herrero champions transparency in state's budget

AUSTIN-- State Representative Abel Herrero, Robstown, offered an amendment today on the House floor to ensure that state funds are used for their intended purposes. The state budget is the only 'must-pass' bill of the legislature, and Rep. Herrero stressed the importance of honesty and transparency in the budget process.

During debate on House rules, Rep. Herrero proposed an amendment to prohibit the Committee on Appropriations from diverting dedicated funds to other uses. It would also prohibit the committee from allowing funds to go unused in the state's coffers for the mere purpose of certifying the state's budget.

"Texas must be honest to its taxpayers. Fiscal responsibility and transparency are necessary and long overdue," said Rep. Herrero.

Although the House declined to address this important matter, truth in budgeting is a bipartisan issue that lawmakers have sought to address in recent months. At a news conference in October, Governor Rick Perry called for an end to state highway fund, or Fund 6, diversions, pointing out that money collected for transportation should be used for transportation projects.

Representative Herrero encourages constituent feedback and collaboration and invites constituents to visit his Capitol office this 2013 Legislative Session. Please contact his office at (512) 463-0462 or at