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Rep. Ralph Sheffield Continues Support for Keystone XL Project  print page

by: Rep. Sheffield, Ralph

TEMPLE – Representative Ralph Sheffield (Temple) again voiced his support for the Keystone XL project and strongly encouraged the White House to quickly approve the pending permit. In a second letter to the US Secretary of State, following the fifth environmental impact evaluation of the Keystone XL Pipeline. That determined the pipeline's construction and operation will have minimal impact on the environment, Rep. Ralph Sheffield asked for the Administration’s approval process move forward.

"For the second time in a little over a year, I again have voiced my support of the Keystone XL pipeline project being approved by the White House," stated Sheffield. " It is my belief that Keystone XL will provide a stable, affordable supply of American and Canadian crude to the Gulf Coast refinery complex. Gulf Coast refineries continue to rely on OPEC oil for more than 60 percent of their crude oil imports, much of which are heavier crude imports from Venezuela and the Middle East. Keystone XL alone could displace all of the crude oil that certain refineries import from Venezuela. Access to Canadian and U.S. oil will alleviate the vulnerability that Gulf refineries – and by effect consumers across the country – face relying on overseas imports."

According to various experts, Keystone XL provides the most efficient, safest and least intrusive method for transporting Canadian and Bakken crude to markets in the Gulf Coast region. Alternative transport methods can result in greater energy use and carbon emissions. Furthermore, the likelihood of an incident leading to a release or spill of crude oil is much lower for pipelines than other transport methods. For all these reasons, pipelines carry nearly two-thirds of the oil and petroleum products transported domestically.

The Keystone XL is one of the types of infrastructure project the American people are looking for to create construction jobs. According to a recent report by Forbes Magazine, the construction project alone would create 42,000. Additionally, various economists, have estimated 20,000 manufacturing and construction jobs and finally almost 200,000 jobs that will be created through various facets of the construction and operational life of the pipeline. .

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