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by: Rep. Alonzo, Roberto R.


AUSTIN, TX - Texas State Representative Roberto R. Alonzo urges applicants to consider applying to the latest scholarship program geared specifically toward those Texans considering attending college and making military service part of their future careers. This past spring during the recently-completed 81st Texas Legislature, lawmakers approved House Bill 3452 (HB 3452) which created the Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program. As part of the measure approved, the governor will appoint 2, the lieutenant governor will appoint 2, and each of the 181 state lawmakers (150 State Representatives and 31 State Senators) will make the appointments of applicants to the financial assistance program. The award scholarships will be up to $10,000 for the first year starting with the 2010-2011 academic school year, for a total of 185 scholarship recipients. Depending on fund availability, students may receive up to four years of scholarship awards. The program will be administered by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). Deadline to apply is March 12, 2010.

This scholarship aims to encourage students to participate in Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) programs at civilian colleges and then become members of the Texas Army National Guard, members of the Texas Air Force National Guard, and commissioned officers in any branch of the armed services of the United States. The legislation authorizes the governor and the lieutenant governor to each appoint two students, and each state senator and state representative to appoint one student to receive a conditional Texas Armed Services Scholarship. Students must meet specific requirements in order to be eligible for nomination and receipt of the scholarship. Among the minimum requirements are the following: (1) Students must be on track to graduate from high school with the Distinguished Achievement Program [DAP] or International Baccalaureate Program [IB]; (2) Have a current high school GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. (3) Achieve a college readiness score on the SAT of at least 1590 or the ACT of at least 23. (4) Currently ranked in the top one-third of the prospective high school graduating class.

"In light of the current economic situation, coupled with the fact that tuition, institutional fees and the overall costs of getting a college education continues to escalate, I urge students to apply for this scholarship," said Rep. Alonzo.

"Moreover, as those costs increase, the accessibility and affordability of a college education continues to become more out of reach for average hard-working families. Thus, it becomes more imperative that our youth and their families take advantage of scholarship programs like this one," continued Rep. Alonzo.

" I firmly believe that every capable Texas student should have the benefits of going to a college or university regardless of family income status, ethnicity, or prior collegiate track record in the immediate family. Equally important, all Texans should have the opportunity to succeed professionally and survive economically in our society, whether it be in urban, rural, suburban, east, west, north, or south Texas. With our changing demographics and population makeup now shifted toward a more minority majority state, Texans of all ethnic backgrounds, income levels, philosophical beliefs, and gender should have that opportunity today - more so than ever before. I cannot stress how important it is that we must be better prepared as a state and nation to be able to educate that shifting population. This excellent scholarship program is just one avenue toward meeting that goal," continued Rep. Alonzo.

"An accessible, affordable college education for all qualified students - including Latinos - should be a top priority for all Texans if we are to be well-prepared and effectively equipped to meet the diverse complex challenges and technology-oriented opportunities of the new millennium. Generally, most of the research data is replete with statistics showing that those with college degrees are better off economically than those with only a high school education. Additionally, nowadays most good-paying jobs require more than just a mere high school education if individuals are to be successful in their future careers and at the same time be able to retire with a long quality life that is fulfilled and prosperous," concluded Rep. Alonzo.

Higher education issues in general, and specifically the accessibility and affordability of a college education for all Texans, has consistently been at the top of the legislative priorities for Rep. Alonzo since he was first elected to the Texas Legislature in 1992. He continues to advocate the issue in his roles as a member of the House Higher Education Committee as well as Co-Chair of the Higher Education Task Force of the 44-member Mexican American Legislative Caucus, one of the largest and most influential caucuses within the Texas Legislature.

Among the criteria to receive the scholarship are the following: (1) Students must be freshmen at a private or public institution of higher education. (2) Be a member in good standing of ROTC. (3) Enter into a written agreement with the THECB to complete at least 4 years of ROTC training, graduate no later than 5 years after the student first registers for college. (4) No later than 6 months after college graduation, provide the THECB with verification of a 4-year commitment to be a member of the Texas Army or Air Force National Guard, or a contract to serve as a commissioned officer in any branch of the armed forces in the US. (5) Meet all the prescreening requirements of the Texas Army or Air Force National Guard or the branch of the armed forces. (6) Repay the scholarship if the student fails to meet the requirements for obtaining the scholarship.

Interested student applicants from House District 104 may contact either my Dallas Legislative Office (214-942-7104) or Austin Capitol Office (512-463-0408, or toll-free at 866-449-5770). Students may also contact the Coordinating Board directly at: Office of External Relations, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board via e-mail at or by phone at 512-427-6111.

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