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Rep. Pickett, Joe C.

District 79


Capitol Address:

Room 1W.5

P.O. Box 2910

Austin, TX 78768

(512) 463-0596

(512) 463-6504 Fax

District Address:

1790 Lee Trevino #307

El Paso, TX 79936

(915) 590-4349

(915) 590-4726 Fax

Counties Represented:

El Paso (part)



Joe C. Pickett is a member of the Texas House of Representatives, where he is presently serving his eleventh term. Rep. Pickett is currently serving as Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation, with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:

The Texas highway system, including all roads, bridges, and ferries constituting a part of the system; commercial motor vehicles, both bus and truck, and their control, regulation, licensing, and operation; the licensing of private passenger vehicles to operate on the roads with the following state agencies: the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, the Texas Department of Transportation, and the Texas Transportation Commission; The regulation and control of traffic on the public highways of the State of Texas; railroads, street railway lines, interurban railway lines, steamship companies, and express companies; airports, air traffic, airlines, and other organizations engaged in transportation by means of aerial flight; water transportation in the State of Texas, and the rivers, harbors, and related facilities used in water transportation and the agencies of government exercising supervision and control there over; the regulation of metropolitan transit; and; Chairman Pickett appoints a permanent subcommittee on long-term transportation infrastructure planning to consider all matters pertaining to the transportation needs of the state during the next 10 years and funding mechanisms to provide for meeting those needs.

The Transportation Committee heard and considered 300 bills during the 84th Session. Chairman Pickett was selected the Chairman for the Select Committee on Transportation Planning, convened during the interim period between the 84th & 85th Legislative Sessions.

In addition, he is a member of the House Committee on Investments and Financial Services, (which heard and considered 90 bills), and the House Committee on Redistricting.

Chairman Pickett is a member of the House Research Organization Committee. This committee reports on all legislation which is scheduled for floor debate. The reports are a balanced analysis and include the pros and cons of each bill.

Pickett, the Senior Member of the El Paso delegation, is well-respected by all factions of the State Government who's knowledge and technical expertise is recognized by the Texas Leadership.

During the 83rd Legislative Session Chairman Pickett's work and leadership developed legislation that passed both the House and Senate to create the necessary legislation for the Texas Constitutional Amendment, Proposition 1, that was supported by Texas voters with a 80% approval. Pickett spent hundreds of hours in developing, working with both Republicans and Democrats and the Texas Voters, to bring the first step to address funding for the current transportation system in Texas.

The 84th Legislative Session which adjourned on June 1st, 2015, passed the next step of transportation funding issues currently known as Proposition 7. This is also a Texas Constitutional Amendment that will be up for voter approval in the future. SJR-5 was the results of many hours of hard work, consensus building, and leadership. The work for the amendment continues by the Chairman. Pickett authored 32 house bills, joint authored 14 bills, co-sponsored 10 bills.

Currently he is ranked 13th in seniority of the 150 members of the Texas House of Representatives.

He has been recognized by the following organizations:
• Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas "Best of the House Award" for the 84th Legislative Session
• Crime Fighter of the Year 2014 by the North Tex. Crime Commission
• El Pasoan of the Year Award 2013
• Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas Law Enforcement Leadership Award 2013
• Vietnam Veterans Assoc. 2013 Texas Legislator of the Year Award
• Transportation Advocates of Texas 2013 Award, for bold & innovative leadership on behalf of transportation policy and funding in Texas
• Capitol Inside Best of the Legislature Award for 3 Legislative Sessions of 2013
• Texas Veteran's Commission Legislator of Year --Nov. 2011
• Texas Transit Association Legislator of the Year
• Texas Public Employees Association Legislator of the Year
• Texas DPS Officers´ Association Legislator of the Year
• Texas Council of Child Welfare Boards Representative of the Year
• West Texas Poison Control Center Network's Legislator of the Year

Over the last 20 years he has been the author of countless pieces of legislation and served previously as Chairman for Defense & Veterans Affairs, Chairman of the Transportation Committee, served on the Committee on Appropriations and served as Chairman of Budget Oversight (CBO) for the Committee on Land and Resource Management. In addition, he served on the Committee on Border and International Affairs as well as serving on the Select Committee on Individuals Eligible For Immediate Care Facilities. He has also served as Vice-Chair of the Committee on Juvenile Justice and Family Issues, Licensing and Administrative Procedures and has served on Criminal Jurisprudence.

Representative Pickett served on the National Board of Directors of the American Metropolitan Planning Organization (AMPO). AMPO is a national nonprofit, membership organization serving the needs of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) nationwide. They function as a condition for spending federal highway or transit funds in urbanized areas, Federal highway and transit statutes require the designation of MPOs which serve their areas in planning, programming and coordinating federal highway and transit investments.

He has served several terms as Chairman of the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). In addition, he served between the 81st and 82nd sessions on the Texas Transportation Council in Austin, a non-partisan and independent forum to research, organize, and promote a new direction for transportation that is based upon transparency, accountability and efficiency in order to improve mobility and restore public faith in the management of our state's transportation infrastructure.

Representative Pickett started his political career as a City Council member for the City of El Paso, Texas. Representative Pickett holds a Texas Real Estate Broker's license and has been a real estate educator for more than two decades. He has written and published text books on real estate laws for continuing education classes and still teaches one or two days a month, schedule permitting. He is the author of several children's books, with two of his books already published and being marketed throughout the United States. It is a big part of his efforts to support children's literacy programs.

Representative Pickett's civic involvement includes membership on the boards of the Advocacy Center for the Children of El Paso, the Texas YMCA's Policy Council and the Advisory Council for Health Sciences for the University of El Paso. He has been a member of the Lions Club for the past 20 years, a former member of the El Paso Crime Stoppers Board, and served five years as a volunteer board member, then Chairman of a local credit union. The main thrust of his civic involvement has been the forming of a 501-C3 non-profit organization that fights graffiti, supervises troubled youth who are required to serve community service hours and enhancing the aesthetics of the community through tree planting, cleaning and building renovation projects. The association was awarded a national honor by the "Keep America Beautiful" organization. It also has been awarded a grant from the Office of the Governor for work in the community.

His love of cars has earned him the reputation of being somewhat of a car collector. He has several antique and unusual vehicles that include a varied selection, a double-decker English bus that belonged to a famous Southwestern artist named Ted DeGrazia, and working fire trucks that are used for children's charities and parades. His collection also includes several military vehicles, English automobiles, one of a kind historical vehicles and just neat cars!

Representative Pickett is married, his wife's name is Shannon and is father to three girls and two boys.

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