Urban Affairs Committee

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Committee info:

  • Clerk:
  • Rudy England
  • Room:
  • EXT E2.126
  • Phone:
  • (512) 463-9904

Committee Members


House Member Rep. Alvarado

Rep. Alvarado,

Vice Chair

House Member Rep. Leach

Rep. Leach,


House Member Rep. Bernal

Rep. Bernal,


House Member Rep. Elkins

Rep. Elkins,


House Member Rep. Isaac

Rep. Isaac,


House Member Rep. Johnson

Rep. Johnson,
Jarvis D.


House Member Rep. Zedler

Rep. Zedler,


       Sec. 37.  URBAN AFFAIRS. The committee shall have seven 
  members, with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:
               (1)  municipalities, including their creation,
  organization, powers, government, and finance, and the
  compensation and duties of their officers and employees;
               (2)  home-rule municipalities, their relationship to
  the state, and their powers, authority, and limitations;
               (3)  the creation or change of metropolitan areas and
  the form of government under which those areas operate;
               (4)  problems and issues particularly affecting
  metropolitan areas of the state;
               (5)  other units of local government not otherwise
  assigned by these rules to other standing committees;
               (6)  establishing districts for the election of
  governing bodies of municipalities;
               (7)  land use regulation by municipalities; and
               (8)  the following state agencies: the Texas
  Department of Housing and Community Affairs and the Texas
  Commission on Fire Protection.