Public Education Committee

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Committee info:

  • Clerk:
  • Amy Peterson
  • Room:
  • EXT E2.124
  • Phone:
  • (512) 463-0804

Committee Members


House Member Rep. Huberty

Rep. Huberty,

Vice Chair

House Member Rep. Bernal

Rep. Bernal,


House Member Rep. Allen

Rep. Allen,


House Member Rep. Bohac

Rep. Bohac,


House Member Rep. Deshotel

Rep. Deshotel,


House Member Rep. Dutton, Jr.

Rep. Dutton, Jr.,
Harold V.


House Member Rep. Gooden

Rep. Gooden,


House Member Rep. King

Rep. King,


House Member Rep. Koop

Rep. Koop,


House Member Rep. Meyer

Rep. Meyer,


House Member Rep. VanDeaver

Rep. VanDeaver,


       Sec. 30.  PUBLIC EDUCATION. (a) The committee shall have 11
  members, with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:
               (1)  the public schools and the public school system of
  Texas and the financing thereof;
               (2)  the state programming of elementary and secondary
  education for the public school system of Texas;
               (3)  proposals to create, change, or otherwise alter
  school districts of the state; and
               (4)  the following state agencies: the State Board of
  Education, the Texas Education Agency, the Texas representatives to
  the Education Commission of the States
  , the Office of Southern Regional
  Education Compact Commissioner for Texas, the Texas School for the
  Blind and Visually Impaired, the State Board for Educator
  Certification, and the Texas School for the Deaf.
         (b)  The chair of the committee shall appoint a permanent
  subcommittee on educator quality consisting of not fewer than five
  members to consider all matters pertaining to ensuring the high
  quality of teachers in the state, including:
               (1)  ways to improve the quality of the existing
  teacher workforce and recruit well-qualified individuals into the
  workforce; and
               (2)  the adequacy of existing certification programs
  for new teachers.