Technology Committee

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Committee info:

  • Clerk:
  • Teri Avery
  • Address:
  • EXT E2.206
  • Phone:
  • (512)463-0794

Committee Members


House Member

Rep. Elkins, Gary

Vice Chair 

House Member

Rep. Button, Angie Chen


House Member

Rep. Fallon, Pat


House Member

Rep. Gonzales, Larry


House Member

Rep. Reynolds, Ron


The committee shall have five members, with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:
(1) advances in science and technology, including in
telecommunications, electronic technology, and automated data
(2) the promotion of scientific research,
technological development, and technology transfer in the state;
(3) matters relating to cooperation of state and local
governments with the scientific and technological community,
including industry, institutions of higher education, and federal
governmental laboratories; and
(4) the Texas Emerging Technology Advisory Committee.